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Stairlifts to suit a wide range of staircases

Discover the many benefits of your stairlift.

Designed with users in mind, straight or curved stairlifts offer a safe, reliable, smooth way of overcoming the problems that some people encounter when faced with using their stairs. We have pride in supplying superior service and quality solutions. With additional powered features to choose from, your lift can be tailored to meet your needs regardless of whether your staircase is straight, or goes around corners. Alphacare offer you peace of mind and a long term solution.

Packed with features that make lift easier:

Choice of Swivel:

With a choice of powered or manual swivel, turning the stairlift at the top of the stairs couldn't be easier.

Manual Swivel:

Manual swivel system is operated from specially designed levers located on both sides of the stairlift.
The manual swivel can be operated by pulling the lever up or pushing it down. This is especially useful if more than one person will be using the stairlift.

Powered Swivel:

Simply retain pressure on the toggle switch at the end of your journey and the powered swivel will automatically turn you round to face the landing.
All powered swivel seats can be manually swivelled clear of the stairway to allow access in the event of an emergency.

Hand Held Remote Control:

You can send your stairlift to the top or bottom of the stairs, or call it back with the remote control handset. Supplied as standard your remote controls can be wall mounted or handheld.

Powered Footrest:

Finished with a durable anti-slip carpet the footrest folds away easily. Should you wish, you may choose a powered footrest link that will automatically fold your footrest up or down when the seat is folded, removing the need to bend. This feature can be supplied to be operated from either the seat or a switch located under the arm.
The standard footrest is designed to finish level with the landing making it easier to transfer feet from one surface to another.

Safety as Standard:

Rapid response safety sensors stop the stairlift if it meets with an obstruction during travel. Once the obstruction is removed the stairlift can continue on its journey.

Stairlifts to suit a wide range of staircases

Straight and Curved Tracks:
Whether your staircase is straight, or goes around corners. We can supply a system to meet your needs. Your track is designed to give you the best travel possible whilst fitting snugly to your wall or bannister..

Straight and Curved Hinge Tracks:
You need not worry that doorways will be obscured or that tracks will cause excessive trip hazards. Operated from the handset, the track can be folded to eliminate trip hazards or leave doorways unobstructed. Tracks are designed to fit closely to edge of the stair. This minimal intrusion leaves the stairway clear for other users.

Supplied with the clip seatbelt as standard you can also choose from Velcro and retractable seatbelts, onve again allowing you to customise your stairlift to provide a solution that meets your needs and preferences.

Discreetly hidden from view under the armrest the lockable key switch allows you prevent unauthorised use of the stairlift.

With four height settings your stairlift can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Available in three variations to suit individual needs, all seats are supplied with wipe clean, flame retardant upholstery in a choice of five colours. You can even replace upholstery later should you wish to change colour scheme.

The unique paddle switch makes your stairlift simple and safe to operate and can be fitted on either arm. Just hold the paddle in the direction of travel. Even those with limited mobility or with painful conditions such as arthritis find our stairlifts easy to operate.

Designed with input from occupational therapists, the operating toggle is located away from the surface of the armrest, giving you an ergonomically styled surface to hold when getting in or out of the seat. The arms can also be lifted independently of each other to provide support on one side whilst leaving the other free for side transfer if required.

Compact and unobtrusive, the seat, arms and footrest can be folded to maximise the free space in hallways, on the landing or on the stairs.