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Alpha Care are now sole distributors in the Republic of Ireland of a 200 watt underfloor heating mat. This product provides an efficient, environmentally friendly heating system, designed to fit beneath virtually any floor covering (tiles, laminate, vinyl or even solid wooden floors). We can supply systems, from simple floor warming with low build height in a small bathroom, to complete heating systems for new-build blocks of apartments where the floor covering has not been finalised.

All heat mats are uniquely fully BEAB and VDE system approved and our 3mm heating cables and thermostats are also BEAB component approved.

Heating mats and cables are available in a wide variety of sizes, thus ensuring the best fit every time. With underfloor heating draughts are minimised as the heat is evened out, your head remains slightly cooler than your feet which is more comfortable and there is more flexibility to place furniture as you wish (no radiator on walls). Once installed the system is maintenance free .


Did you know ...

There are now new "High Efficiency" gas boilers on the market that have an efficiency rating of 92 to 95%. Not only can you reduce your annual running costs by up to 26% but you can also increase the energy rating of your home, which in todays housing market is a definite asset.

Gas boilers fit in early 1980 and late 1990 would have an efficiency rate somewhere between 65 and 75%, whereas "High Efficiency" boilers would have an efficiency rate of 92 to 95%.

With the rising costs of gas and oil in today's market place, perhaps it is time for you to consider having more control of your running costs and keeping your heating bills to a minimum.

It is important that you keep up with technology. A more efficient Gas Boiler, an insulated Hot Water Cylinder and extra Controls, such as Thermostatic Radiator Valves and a Thermostat on your Hot Water will reduce your running costs and save you money.

At Alpha Care we offer a free assessment of your current heating system and can quote for the relevant upgrading required to meet with current EU Standards.