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Present day bathrooms need to be able to perform many functions -

A place to wake yourself up in the morning with an invigorating shower
A place to unwind, restore harmony and rejuvenate oneself from the stresses of modern life
A place where the kids can enjoy playtime in the bath

It is imperative that harmony is created in your surroundings as well as your mind and to help you achieve this Alpha Care offer a complete design and build service.

Each installation is uniquely matched to your design requirements and will complement the size of your bathroom area, whether it is the grandest or the smallest room in the house.

Quality Bathrooms, Furniture, Brassware and Accessories


bathroom-suitesTodays bathroom suites range from the -
Traditional - smooth detailing and subtle curves giving a refined and timeless finish.
Contemporary - geometric curves, bold lines and graceful finish.


Baths are generally 8mm thick and come in a range of designs and sizes -
Standard Size - Single ended (one end round) 700 x 1700mm long
Double Ended - Both ends are round 700/800 x 1800mm long
Corner Bath - Available in left and right corner options 1500 x 900/1700 x 1000mm
Shower Bath - Extra deep curved shower bath, complete with contoured shower screen
Free Standing - A stand alone bath
Whirlpool Bath- Introduce jets of air and water to your bath for a vigorous massage. Sit back and relax while bubbling whirls soothe muscle tension and relieve the strain of everyday life.


Shower Enclosures come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit any bathroom. A Complete Shower Enclosure will be made of a Shower Door, Shower Tray and sometimes a side panel depending on enclosure design.

Different shapes and styles of enclosures:

Quadrant Shower Enclosures:
A quadrant shower enclosure will be placed in the corner of your bathroom with a curved radius(normally 550mm Radius). Shower enclosures of this shape are normally sold as 1 or 2 Door Quadrant Shower Enclosures.

Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures:
An offset quadrant enclosure is similar to the above but 1 straight edge installed in the corner of your shower room is longer than the other straight edge. This provides a greater showering area. When choosing an Offset Quadrant Enclosure you need to decide which corner of the room you are installing your shower into to decide if you need a Left Handed Quadrant Shower Enclosure or a Right Handed Quadrant Enclosure. These enclosures are only available as 2 Door Enclosures.

Rectangler Shower Enclosure:
As the name suggests - this shape of shower enclosure has 2 equal long sides and 2 equal short sides. When installing this style of enclosure into a corner, you will need a shower door, side panel and tray or if being installed between two walls i.e alcove-there will be no need for a separate side panel.

Square Shower Enclosure:
As the name suggests - this type of shower enclosure has 4 equal sides. Square shower enclosures are available as Pivot Door & Side Panel, Bifold Door & Side Panel or there is the Corner Entry Shower Enclosure - this style of enclosure has 2 sliding doors that meet together in the middle.

Walk-In Showers:

Shower trays are made from ceramic and fiberglass. Ceramic are more solid as they are cemented in place. Fiberglass have a little movement as they sit on the floor.
Tray size options are numerous, ranging from square, rectangular, quadrant, offset quadrant, walk-in, steam cabinets and wet room

Fixed Valve/riser rail - Valve is in the wall, shower head is on a rail. Water supply is used from existing hot supply in your hot water cylinder

Fixed Valve/fixed head - This is a gravity shower, showerhead is fixed to the wall. Water supply is used from existing hot supply in your hot water cylinder. This shower relies on pressure from household. If increased pressure is required a pump can be installed to deliver water at a higher pressure.

Power Shower - Power showers are mixer showers with integral pumps which increase the rate of flow from the shower head. They can only be installed on low pressure, tank fed systems. A dedicated hot and cold supply is necessary. The water supply must always be above the unit to ensure that the pump is always primed and does not have to suck any air.

Instant Shower - Instant or electric showers provide hot water at the push of a button. An instant shower consists of a cylinder with an element. It takes cold water, heats it in the cylinder and delivers it at the required temperature.